Narraweena Public School

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About our school

Narraweena is a dynamic school that serves a community rich in diversity and character. We celebrate the cultural background of all our students. 

Our team of committed professionals creates a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment for all our students. We have clear anti-bullying processes that are supported by our school expectations that all are respectful, responsible and safe. 

We welcome, value and encourage community participation through open communication in all aspects of school life. We believe our school prospers when people work together and support each other. 

We encourage all students to reach their potential in all areas and to become productive members of their community. We develop well-rounded, confident students through the wide range of opportunities offered, supported by our strong learning community.


“Together aspiring and building excellence”

Narraweena is a comprehensive school with a balance of sport and creative arts to produce a well-rounded learner. We need to continue to develop the whole child which is supported through a staff who embrace community involvement in our school. We have a strong recommendation for embracing the future and in order to do this we need to ensure we as a community are willing to explore and develop facilities which allow us to provide opportunity for our students to achieve their personal goals.

Community and school development

Through our vision we will develop a sense of pride and purpose for our school.  Narraweena students achieve and we support students with specific needs through DoE funding allocations.  We offer classroom support for our students who are identified as personally underachieving.  This involves working with the students in all classes to ensure all students are able to meet their full potential and achievement consistent with their personal goals. 

School uniform is an important part of ensuring all students are provided with a level opportunity where students are not judged on their appearance.  Winter and summer uniforms are important and need to be a set part of school life.  Education and strategies to teach your children are always evolving.  It is important for parents as they support their child’s learning to have an understanding of what is happening in the classroom.  We will continue to work with parents to enable this and for parents to gain an understanding of the learning progressions of the different stages. 

Through the introduction of more community events we will continue to develop community involvement in the school.  

Curriculum Teaching and student learning 

Narraweena currently has achieved solid academic performance.  Through the setting of high expectations we will continue to encourage all students to achieve their personal best.

Our future learners are able to embrace modern mobile technology and have access to information from their fingertips.  The notion that a student needs to access a computer through only attending a computer room is out dated and not keeping in touch with our learners.  Gifted and talented education is an important part of Narraweena and through developing effective programs we will continue to ensure students are extended and provided with the opportunities to excel.  This is not restricted to academics but also including the creative arts and sports.

Aboriginal culture is an important part of Narraweena.  We are proud of our Aboriginal students and our developing relationships with our fellow Northern Sydney schools who are developing and supporting our western NSW schools. 

Creative arts are an integral part of our school and with a developing sport component will we ensure our extra-curricular activities are able to cover all students’ interests and abilities. 

Facilities, Resources and Finances

Through the development of a grounds master plan the P&C and school will be able to work towards continued improvement. The need to redevelop our outdoor physical spaces will allow our students to access first class facilities. This will also involve the promotion and encouragement that natural spaces can also be effective learning environments. 

School times 

School starts at 8:55am and goes till our end of day bell at 3pm. 

Recess 10:55am - 11:20am

Lunch 12:40pm - 1:40pm